Iglehart House


Program Fees:

$650-750 Per Month

$300 Deposit

The Mission

Bright Side Housing is about supporting the needs of our residents by providing a supportive healthy living environment that allows our residents the opportunity to become active members in the recovering community as well as the surrounding community in which they will reside during their recovery. Bright Side Housing provides its residents a sober supportive living environment in which they can draw knowledge, strength, and support from their peers.

The Bright Side Housing philosophy is to support our members until they are able to support themselves, thus, allowing each member to share their knowledge, strength, and life experience with other newly recovering adults. One of the core philosophies and principles of the Bright Side Housing is democracy, we believe that residents should have input in the environment they have chosen to explore, grow, and live in the world of recovery.

House Amenities:

  • 5 Bedrooms, 3 single beds, 3 shared rooms

  • Three bathrooms

  • Vanity room with heated bathroom floor

  • Safe environment

  • Fully furnished

  • Wi-Fi, High-Speed Internet

  • 1 community TV’s with 190+ Satellite TV channels and a home phone

  • Free laundry machines


Admission Requirements:

  • Must be at least 30 days sober

  • Must work an active program of recovery including two (2) sober support group meetings a week (AA, NA, CA, Health Realization, SMART Recovery etc.), as well as weekly mentorship 

  • Must be employed, looking for employment, enrolled in school, volunteering, attending outpatient treatment, or doing some structured activities at least 20 hours per week

  • Must attend a weekly community house meeting to ensure the house is running smoothly

  • Minimum of a three-month stay

  • No overnight guests

Iglehart House is located at 984 Iglehart Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104 in the Summit-University Neighborhood and is a few minutes from downtown.



What should I bring with to the house and what is provided?. . .

All furnishings, cleaning supplies and housewares are provided. All bedding and pillows are provided. Laundry facilities are available onsite. You will be responsible for your own groceries, as you do your own cooking. You will need towels, laundry detergent, and personal care items. You are able to have personal laptops and cell phones, but we ask that you use them in common areas and not alone in your room regularly. Please do not bring any furniture, TV’s or desktop computers. If you have questions just ask!

How old are people in the house?. . .

Our house has a wide range of ages starting at 18 years old. We like to have residents of all ages and stages in their recovery so that everyone has someone they can relate to, look up to and build life long friendships with. A primary focus of Iglehart House is to build unity within the house, so the residents are encouraged to do things together like going to meetings, movies, cooking, sports or simply hang out at the local coffee shop.

Is there a clean-time/sobriety requirement to live at the Iglehart House?. . .

Yes. Iglehart House require applicants to have at least 30 (thirty) days clean and sober before their move-in date.

Are you a treatment center?. . .

No, we are a "Sober House." We do not provide clinical services that a treatment center might. We are also not a rental property and residents of our homes should understand they are signing a "sober house" contract, not a typical "lease agreement." Residents are responsible for purchasing and cooking their own food. However, each house is fully furnished (e.g. furniture, cookware, Wi-Fi, etc.).

What are the requirements for living at the Iglehart House?. . .

Iglehart House participants are required to follow a set of House Rules and Guidelines.

In general, all Iglehart House participants must: maintain abstinence from all drugs and alcohol while living at the Iglehart House; work an abstinence-based program of recovery, which includes meeting with a mentor/sponsor on a weekly basis; attend a minimum of two recovery meetings per week, in addition to the weekly house meeting; must be employed, looking for employment, enrolled in school, volunteering, or doing some structured activities at least 20 hours per week; contribute to alternating weekly chores; commit to reside at the Iglehart House for at least three (3) months; and not be romantically or sexually involved with other participants in the house.

How much does it cost?. . .

Program Fee:

A Program Fee of $300 is due prior to your move-in date. *Program Fee details, including its refund requirements, are covered in more detail in your participant agreement. Program Fees: Each participant is required to pay a Program Fee of $650-750, due on the 1st (first) of each month.